One of the known bugs that can outlast or outwit all of us is ants. They have cooperative and complex societies which makes them survive in any challenging situation. I have listed here facts about them that will surely amaze you.


Ants: The Super Bugs

The soldier ants utilize their heads through plugging on the entrances to their nests in order to protect their colonies away from different intruders. There are specific species that have modified heads which will match with the entrance to their nest. They can just sit at the entrance in order to block access. Their heads are positioned like a wine bottle cork. Once a worker ant comes back to the nest, it will just touch the head of the soldier ant in order to inform the guard that it belongs to the same colony.


Ants: The Defending Bugs

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Myrmecophytes or ant plants are species that will offer defending plants in order to get shelter and food. These plants have hollows naturally where the little brave creatures can live and eat. These cavities may have stems and thorns. They live in the hollows that feed on the sugary plant secretions. Myrmecophytes will defend the plants from insects and herbivorous mammals.


Cool Facts About The Hardworking Creatures

  • They are animals that are community-oriented. They live in complex colonies where there is social structure and hierarchy. Each member of the colony has a role to play which is vital for them to live and survive.
  • You can find about 12,000 species of the hardworking creatures all over the world.
  • There are queens that can live for so many years and can give life to millions of more little hardworking creatures.
  • Queens have wings although it starts to shed whenever they begin a new nest.
  • They do not have ears. They can hear you through feeling the vibrations of the ground using their feet.
  • Little creatures will never leave a fight. They fight until death.
  • During foraging, they leave a trail of pheromone in order for them to know the places they have been to.
  • They use their antennae to smell and touch.
  • They have 45-60 days average life expectancy.
  • The adult members of the colony cannot swallow and chew solid food. What they do is just squeeze the juice out from the food they collect.


Ants: Enslaving To Work

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Some will enslave other ant species in order to work for their colony. Some will even bid from other colonies just to recruit new workers. For instance, Polyergus queens or Amazon queens will conquer the colonies of Formica. An Amazon queen will search and kill for the Formica queen. Once the Amazon queen succeeded, she will command the Formica workers to work for her colony.  The new slaves will help the Amazon queen raise the colony.

These little creatures are capable of carrying any object that are 50 times of their own body weight. Their muscles are thicker than us or any other larger animals. In result, they can carry bigger things and capable of producing more force. I advise you that you should not underestimate the prowess and strength of these little bugs.