Bugs. Some of them are adorable, most of them are terrifying. I remember back in the day when I was younger, I had this strange addiction of collecting grasshoppers. I know, it’s odd of a little girl to be running around the grass fields with her skirt picking up behind her with a box full of mad hoppers – but back then I thought it was cool. Now that I’m older, I just want to kick myself. Of course, there are other insects that I don’t like in particular and not even Spiderman is going to change my mind about them. If there’s one bug that I absolutely admire, are butterflies.


All Pretty Winged Creatures

Butterflies are pretty and they’re graceful winged insects that flutter around the garden. I think the very reason why I was so fascinated by these insects isn’t because of their colorful wings, but because they’re a close resemblance to fairies. Now that I’m older and know better than to believe fully on myths and fairy tales, I think butterflies are one of the world’s most beautiful insects that exist. Because of my fascination about these winged insects, I’ve learned a lot about them that are sure to amaze you as well.


Transparent Wings? No Way!

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Butterflies are known for their wonderfully colored wings. But did you know that a butterflies wing, is actually transparent? I can hear you now: “What? But I thought they had colorful wings!” that, is in fact true. But the wings of a butterfly are formed by thin chitin layers and tiny little scales cover the layer of chitin. These scales catch the light, giving off different colors and when the butterfly grows older, these little scales fall off to reveal the transparent layer of chitin. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen off transparent spots on a butterfly’s wing before. That’s the chitin layer!


Bugs That Taste With Their Feet?

If you haven’t known this before, I’m sure this tiny bit of information is sure to leave your jaw hanging. As we taste food with our tongues, butterflies taste with their tiny feet! Odd, right? Can you imagine having to taste things with the use of your foot? This explains why a butterfly does this little dance on a flower when it lands. By doing this, the flower releases these juices. This helps the butterfly identify the different plants.


Bugs That Dance In The Rain – I Mean, Puddles.

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)While female butterflies like to dance around the flowers to taste, did you know that the male butterflies have this thing called ‘Puddling’? You see, a butterfly can’t live off on plain sugar only! They need salt and minerals too! And in order for them to gain minerals and salt they need to sip from puddles of mud! The male transfers these minerals to the female when they mate and this can help improve the female’s eggs’ viability. During the cold days, butterflies can’t fly. It’s pretty much like how birds can’t fly when the feathers are wet – and because butterflies are cold blooded bugs, the cold will render them immobile because of their inability to regulate their body temperature.