Bugs can be found almost anywhere in the world. It doesn’t particularly matter where you are; these little insects are everywhere! Flies, ants, termites, butterflies or caterpillars: they play a very important part in the life of man. Some people have quite the fascination with these little creatures. I remember a good friend of mine had a fascination with beetles; I on the other hand would like to stick to fluffy dogs and pretty snow owls. But then again, we all have our own preferences, right?


The Roaches

They’re tiny, sometimes hard to spot – some of them are crawlers and some like to take flight. One of the most hated insects in the world, are the cockroaches. They are the number one most hated insects in the world, most probably because they are thought to be the vilest of all the insects. Contrary to beliefs however, a good majority of these roaches aren’t pests. You have to understand that there are many different types of roaches and not all of them are as disgusting as we think them to be. They’ve been crawling around the earth for a long amount of time and the scariest part of this is – they can live for weeks without a head! Talk about creepy.


This Is Not Your Friendly Neighborhood, Spiderman

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Moving on to my favorite of all the insects: Spiders. Creepy looking things with a good number of legs that can run up to me knowing how much I fear them, spiders and me – well, we have a history together thus my phobia. But setting that thought aside, just like the roaches spiders are quite the peculiar type of insects. Though most of them are thought to spin webs (thanks to our friendly neighborhood Spiderman), not all of them need to. And if people tell you that not all spiders are venomous, that’s true: only one particular family of spiders (The Uloboridae) isn’t venomous – but everything else from out of that family, are deadly. So beware! I’ve got my eye on you, Spiderman.


Bugs That Suck Your Blood

Blood suckers, itchy and can carry deadly fever: Mosquitoes. These are probably the ones that annoy me the most, aside from the flies. Mosquitoes have a bite that leaves you the need to start scratching. But did you know that only the female mosquitoes bite humans and animals to feed? The males on the other hand, like to feed on nectar! That’s actually very sweet of them for laying off us humans!


Bugs: Mind If I STICK Around?

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)They look like twigs, act like twigs and, well, they’re not as nasty as the one’s I’ve just mentioned. The Stick insects would be very difficult to catch when walking around woody areas because, just as the name given; they look a lot like twigs. No, they don’t bite but they aren’t defenseless either. When caught by a predator – they react quickly by releasing a nasty taste inside the predator’s mouth and when they lose a limb, it regenerates in time! And I thought these bugs were just hiding around pretending to be twigs, they’re actually pretty cool once you think about it.