Bugs: Some people love them, some people hate them. I’m not such a big fan of insects, but I can’t deny the fact that they are indeed one of the world’s most interesting creatures! Most of them look fragile, but in a group – they can do wonders! Some people might think them to be just plain old pests in the world, but they play such an important role in the life of man. A big old clock would never work without the small little cogs turning. The same applies to the environment; without the little, seemingly unimportant wheels turning – the world will fall into an imbalance.


Bugs, Are Not One Of My Favorite Things – But They’re Fascinating

I can honestly say that the only insects I can ever stand to be around, are butterflies, praying mantis’ and I would probably keep a lady bug for a pet (if that’s even possible). They don’t appear to be harmful things and they’re pretty cute to have around. I can vividly remember the time me and my dad would collect these adorable insects when I was little, thus the reason why I fancy them. However, the other insects, sort of creep me out, which is why I’m not so excited about seeing one crawling or flying within the perimeters of my personal space. But for every bug, there’s something fascinating and rather intriguing about them!


Pooh Bear Called, He Wants His Honey Back!

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)One of these insects, are the bees. Though they might seem like your average bug buzzing around – they are one of the most intriguing types of insects in the world. The only reason why you don’t seem to find them strange is probably because of the fact that you’ve heard or seen them way too many times. But they are the only insects that produce honey, are responsible for the pollination of plants and many more. It’s fascinating that a honey bee, when born, already knows how to create honey without being taught.


Is That…A Twig?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of insects that can turn into twigs to protect themselves from predators. Their ability to be a part of Mother Nature is quite a perk for these little creatures! In fact, there are many other insects as well as mammals that can do this. They hide from the predator, thus being the predator themselves. While human beings like ourselves need to slap on some fancy make up (or perhaps even the most basic of make-up which is mud) to blend into the wild to hide, they were born for this. I think this is where people took the idea of camouflaging!


Bugs You Don’t Want To Mess With!

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)If want to know of the most dangerous insect there is in the world, the winner would probably be the one you never expected. Tiny, deadly and known to be strong insects for their size. Yes, they are ants. These ants are from Australia, known as the Black bulldog Ants. They’ve been known to kill humans and have been measured to be 1 inch in length, sometimes even 2 inches long! They’re quite the aggressive type and are known to be very fast, so once you come across these certain bugs, it would be wise to start running!