Termites are one of the known bugs that have been nibbling on wood for many centuries. They can even build mounds taller than us and can even destroy a home made of wood. They are creatures that are very fascinating to learn. I have listed here cool facts about these wood eating creatures.


Termites: The Beneficial Insects

They are not just labelled as pests to homeowners. They are crucial insects because they are decomposers. Their role is to break down plant fibers that are tough and trees that are decaying which can be transformed to become part of the soil. They are essential components of our forests. The moment they create tunnels, they improve and aerate the soil. It is just unfortunate that one of their primary foods is wood.

They feed directly on plants or on growing fungus of decaying plant materials. In result, they can digest plant fibers that are tough or the cellulose. They are loaded with microorganisms that can break down cellulose. This process can both benefit the hungry creatures and the microorganisms that live in their insect hosts. They house the protozoa and the bacteria and then harvest the food. In order to return the favor, the microorganisms will digest the cellulose for them.


The Bugs That Raise Their Kids

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)In bee colonies, males do not live longer. The males die soon after playing their part which is mating with the queen bee. Unlike the termite fathers, they stick around for long. They help raise their kids and you will not see a termite father lurking around doing nothing. After the king termite mate with the queen, he still stays with her queen to fertilize the eggs as the need arises. He is a responsible father because he does his parental duties like feeding their young with pre-digested foods.


Bugs: Termite Workers And Soldiers

Almost all the termite species, the soldiers and the workers are blind. These industrious members of the colonies do not need functional eyes since they have been spending their lives in a damp and dark nest. Only the reproductive males have developed eyesight since they are the ones who need it. They need eyesight in looking for new nest sites and to find their mates.

The termite soldiers have the capacity to detect different kinds of threat. Once they do, they give warning signals to their colony. One of the amazing facts about these soldiers is when danger comes, they form heavy metal mosh pit. The soldiers bang their heads in order to alarm everyone through creating vibrations on the wall of their nest.


Interesting Information

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)These wood eating creatures must begin their day first in eating each other’s poop. Yes, you read it right. They need enough supply of microorganisms that will assist their digestive tracts to function well. This practice is called as trophallaxis. After they molt, they need to resupply. This means poop eating plays a crucial role in the termite mound.

These creatures are not just the destroyer of homes because of their capacity to munch on wood. Termites are part of the bugs family that play a vital role in our ecosystem – the decomposers.