There are some people who hate or are scared of some bugs like spiders. If you are one of them, I suggest you read this brief article in order for you to know more about these animals.


Bugs: Spiders As The Predators

These animals hunt for their prey. Most of them feed on some invertebrates and insects but the bigger ones capture vertebrates like birds. The Araneae consist of the biggest group of the carnivorous creatures.

These creatures are all venomous except with one family. They use venom in order to subdue and capture their prey. Its venom glands are located near the chelicerae which are connected with the fangs through the ducts. Whenever they bite on their prey, the muscles surrounding the venom glands will contract. It will push the venom using the fangs going to the prey. The effects of the venom to the prey are it will be paralyzed. However, the Uloboridae spider family does not have venom glands.


Bugs: Spiders As The Silk Producer

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)They can produce silk throughout their lifetime. They use it for many purposes such as to protect their brood, to capture their prey, to help them once they move around and to build their shelter. Take note that not all of them use their silk for the same purposes.

You probably associate these animals with a hobby of spinning webs. But there are some species that do not construct any kind of web at all. For instance, a wolf spider will stalk, hunt and capture its prey without any use of a web. Some have capacities to jump, with perfect eyesight and can move around quickly without any assistance of webs. They just pounce on their target prey.

One of the important functions of their silk is to protect their little ones. The females will deposit the eggs on the bed of silk which was prepared after mating. After producing eggs, the female will spin more silk to cover it. There are some species that makes silk like the color and texture of the eggs. This is to protect their offspring from predator through camouflaging.


Male Spiders Vs Female Spiders

Females are larger than the males. A very hungry female attacks on any invertebrates that she will meet which can include a lurking suitor. The males use strategies through making courtship rituals to the females. This is to make themselves identifiable as suitors and not just another meal. They execute elaborate dances at a safest distance and wait for the approval prior getting nearer.


Animals That Cannot Digest Solid Foods

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)These animals will create their meal through transforming their prey into liquid. It will secrete its digestive enzymes coming from the sucking stomach into the prey’s body.  The enzymes will be broken down to tissues and it will suck its liquefied remains together with its digestive enzymes.

These crawling creatures are part of our ecosystem that plays crucial roles. Learn to appreciate more of the crawling animals that you will see. However, I would still advise you to take extra careful in dealing with some types of bugs like the spiders because some can be poisonous which are very dangerous to your health.