Bugs are one of the tiniest creatures in the world, which sometimes go unnoticed, but not the list that I have compiled. I have here four of the world’s largest insects that will surely amaze you.


Bugs: The Giant Burrowing Cockroach

It weighs 35 grams and usually found in Australia. In the family of roaches, the giant burrowing cockroach is the biggest with a length of three-inches. It is a record setter that makes it the world’s heftiest cockroach.

These are wingless roaches. As the name suggests, it burrows the soil of Australia. The average life span of these creatures is until 10 years. Giant burrowing cockroaches have crucial roles to play. They are part of recycling the leaves of the tropical areas in Queensland unlike their North American relatives who are known to be house-infesting creatures.


Bugs: Wallace’s Giant Bee

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Wallace’s giant bee can be found in Indonesia. Its wingspan is up to two and a half inches wide. This creature is one of the most mysterious of its kind but noted to be the world’s largest bee. Alfred Russell Wallace, the British explorer and naturalist first noted the Wallace’s Giant Bee or the huge female megachile pluto around 1859. However, there were no records of this kind being seen until 1981. The island of Indonesia, the only identified home of the megachile, are not even aware about the Wallace’s giant bee until Wallace found out about this big creature.

This mystifying insect has been hidden for so long because of the main reason that the female megachile is busy building nests from the gum of the active termite nests. In this case, it makes it very difficult and disgusting to track. Its nest becomes water resistant and very solid once the material hardens. While the females are busy building the nest, the males that are only 0.9 inches long just hang out on a nearby vine with a primary role of fending off the males that will attempt to go nearby the females.


Insects: Titan Beetle

Titan beetle is found in the South and Central America. It boasts with six and a half inches in length which makes it very appropriate for its mythical name. It is not afraid to hiss its closest predator because of its large jaws and sharp spine. The good thing with a titan beetle is it is not dangerous to us humans. They have significant roles to play such as they recycle the decaying wood found in the jungle food.


Insects: Giant Helicopter Damselfly

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Giant helicopter damselfly can also be found in the South and Central America. Its wingspan measures seven and a half inches. The amazing wings of this insect are the biggest in the world. It has unique capacity of working independently which will make the insect move in different directions and can hover in a single spot. Giant helicopter damselflies are skilful hunters of smaller insects and mosquitoes.

Insects are part of your world. They are actually important to have a healthy environment. I highly encourage you to learn more about these bugs in order for you to appreciate their existence in our lives.