There are about one million known species of bugs and insects all over the world. Some experts say that there could be over 10 million species. If you want to know more about their magical world, I encourage you to read on.


The Arthropod Group

Arthropod group is the most varied group of animals on earth with millions of species. They can be found in any type of environment. There are about thousands of species in each kind such as 120,000 species of flies and 170,000 species of moths and butterflies. They have segmented bodies that are supported with hard covering or also called exoskeleton. Their bodies are divided into head, thorax and abdomen. Its head is supported by a pair of compound eyes, a pair of sensory antennae and mouth parts. Most of these creatures have two pairs of wings that are the only invertebrates that can fly.


The Color Of Bugs And Insects

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Have you noticed that the color of a particular bug or insect is vital on its welfare? There might be similar colors among these creatures but you will not see the same color and of the same form. Perfect examples are the creatures with stick-like shapes. They closely resemble their environment so that they can escape without being noticed whenever there is a predator around them. Creatures like a shape of a leaf are dry or green in colors. Most moths can sit without being noticed on the bark of the trees even they have expanded their wings. Grasshoppers have protective colors as well. Some have green grass colors and some have dry grass color.

I advise you to observe these insects. Some of them change colors once their surroundings change. For instance, a young grasshopper is colored green once it lives in green grass. Then its color transforms into dry-grass color once the grass ripens and it becomes a full blown grasshopper.


The Music Of Bugs And Insects

The insects surrounding us play music in our ears. During the monsoon season in India, you will observe that the orchestra of the insects such as the crickets, cicada and the rest of the family are at its best. For instance, cicada plays a wonderful music during the hot weather and then there is a prelude for a great concert during the rainy season. Once the monsoon gives life to the trees and the rocks, the whole surroundings are filled with live music from the family of grasshoppers, crickets and the rest.


The Creatures In Disguise

Bugs (The fascinating world of bugs, insects, spiders, termites and ants)Have you experienced touching a leaf then it moved and walked away? I am pretty sure you have touched a praying mantis. Some praying mantises are wingless and some have heavy wings. Their appearance goes through series of changes in just a few minutes in order for them to get their prey with ease. For instance, for mantises residing at foliage acquired tint of green which will help them become unnoticed on a green twig while an insect comes their way.

All the creatures surrounding us, big or small play vital roles in our lives. I highly encourage you to appreciate the existence of these bugs and insects because without them our ecosystem will not be balanced.